Bubble Shooter

Bubble Shooter Game is a classic arcade genre of games launched for entertainment purposes. It is a simple free online game shooting bubbles where you need to aim, shoot, and pop the bubbles game to win. This is an online bubble shooter free so there is no need to download the Game. For playing this amazing game you need to click on the arrow of the bubble shooter to pop up.

Play the full screen on your PC or Android device and the most popular game involve matching 3 bubbles of the same color. Bubble Shooter Gameplay is quite interesting and tricky game.

In the Bubble Shooter game, there are some strategies to win the Bubble Shooter so that it helps you to develop your concentration skills.

RATINGS – 4.9 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
DEVICES – Desktop, Tablet, & Android
UPDATED ON – July 19, 2023

How to Play Bubble Shooter?

Bubble Shooter1
  • Click on the free bubble shooter games to play.
  • You need to plan a strategy to shoot the same colored bubbles by using the arrow of the bubble shooter.
  • Focus on the pair of two or more bubbles of the same color for popping up.
  • Set your aim and shoot the Bubbles for bursting the pair of the same color.
  • When you shoot a pair of the same color you’ll get points.
  • You’ll lose the game when the bubbles touch the bottom bar.

Bubble Shooter Tips & Strategies

No Time Limit

In Bubble Shooter Online there is no time limit so make your moves strategically. Players with very high scores use this technique to take appropriate moves.

Check Upcoming Color

This bubble shooter game will show you the upcoming bubble color so that you can focus on your aim. Make your strategic moves that are going to set up for the next shot.

Select the Goal

The dotted line and focused cannon help you to select the target and hit the same color bubble. For more points, you need to hit the same color bubble on a large bubble group.

Check Bubble Shooter Board

Before you start the game ensure that you analyze the game board adequately and create a strategy to win the Game.

Bounce the Bubble Shot

In this game, you need to bounce the bubbles between the walls so that it reaches a large group of bubbles. Through this tip, you can reach difficult spots.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How many levels are there in Bubble Shooter?

There are four difficulty levels that make the game quite interesting. When you clear levels you’ll be able to unlock the levels as you proceed further in the Game.

Is this a time-based Bubble Shooter game?

No, the Bubble Shooter game has no time limit you can score the highest to be the winner of the Bubble Shooter Free Online Game. It is a free web game that makes the player more focused on their goals and bubbles.

Can you aim at a huge block of Bubbles?

There are some bubble blocks that are held up by one or two bubbles of the same color. Try to aim for these blocks so that you’ll be able to eliminate a huge block of the same color bubbles with just one shot in Bubble Shooter Free Online.

Can you play Bubble Shooter Game for Free?

Yes, our website offers free web games that keep entertaining you for hours. We offer you plenty of fun puzzles and entertainment with different amazing levels.

What if you miss a huge pair of Bubbles?

If you miss the huge pair of Bubbles you can over the game without seeing the coming bubble. So, you need to focus on your goal and shoot at your aim to win the free bubble shooter game.

When Bubble Shooter Game Ends?

The Bubble Shooter Free ends when the bubbles have reached the bottom of the boundary or game border. Then, this game will show you the score after popping up the Bubbles. You can come to the game again to beat your previous score.


Bubble Shooter is an incredible shooter game that is simple and easy to learn & play on our website. We offer you the online Bubble Shooter web game with some amazing and awesome features. We hope you enjoy the Bubble Shooter game playing on our website.

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